Thursday, July 26, 2007

Three Little Pigs

It is strange the power of one meeting. Several weeks ago, a new client came into the clinic with her three guinea pigs. She wanted to get their nails trimmed, certainly a routine procedure. So, I pulled out a towel to put on the table and encouraged the owner to hold them on the towel while I trimmed their claws. One...two...three; we finished with the last one without any problem. There was a little bit of squeaking as one would expect, but not anything out of the common way. We put the last pig back into the box and the owner thanked me, voicing her surprise at how easy and stress-free it was. Apparently, she had gone elsewhere before and it had always been an ordeal that she had dreaded. This time, it had been nothing but pleasant.

I didn't think much about it until she returned today for another nail trim on the pigs. Again, it went very smoothly without any struggling or undue squealing. Again, she thanked me, saying that she will never take her pigs anywhere else, and she asked me questions about some of her other pets, specifically her chincilla.

Who knew that the simple act of trimming nails could gain a client? Or lose one, for that matter...?

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