Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Birds and the Bees

Since I haven't posted in awhile, I thought I would post something on several cases I have seen lately. With the coming of spring and early summer, the number of people curious about reproduction and their pets has increased of late. Following are several painfully true stories about questions and concerns clients have had lately regarding this delicate and confusing topic. Some are certainly understandable. Others are...not. Note: I'm fairly certain all of the following individuals have kids of their own, so I have to assume they have at least a working knowledge of where babies come from.

1. Question from a client asking about spaying her dog: "after this is done, will she still be able to have puppies?"

2. Question from a client that wants to breed her female Shih Tzu with her friend's Yorkie: "Will she ever be able to have purebred puppies if I breed her to something other than a Shih Tzu?"

3. Question from a client regarding when ovulation will occur in his dog: "Will I hear the egg hit the floor when she ovulates?"

4. I asked the fatal question once after vaccinating a man's two beagles, "Do you have any other questions or concerns today?" "Yeah," he replied. "How do I get my dogs knocked up?" (yes, classy individual)

5. I spent a somewhat silly phone call informing a client that, yes, her 5 month old male Maltese would figure out how to do "it" though she was unable to even say "breed" or "mate" or any related word besides "it."

6. Almost a daily occurrence are the giggles and comments elicited from clients as I check their new puppies to make sure both testicles are there.

7. People are always very incredulous when I tell them that cats in heat will remain in heat, more or less, until they are bred. I'm fairly certain they think I am nuts and making things up.

8. People are always incredibly confused by the fact that most dogs will only be able to be bred twice a year, and then not always when it is convenient for them. Again, they think I am nuts and making things up.

9. People are always very skeptical when I tell them that one litter of puppies or kittens can have multiple fathers. Yet again, I am certifiable and clearly delusional.

10. I have determined that it can be really difficult to encourage some men to neuter their dogs, but very easy to encourage women to do so.


Meg said...

are these adults giggling at the testicle check? lovely. They would get a real laugh out of watching me regularly check my dog to see if his had dropped prior to his needing a corrective spay/neuter. Love the blog, by the way!

Debbie I. said...

I am laughing out loud at some of these comments! I bet you have to bite your tongue when you visit with some of these people. I have a male friend right now that WILL NOT neuter his dog even though he knows it will control marking and even though I've told him that he's putting his dog at risk for cancer later. Love your blog!