Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Purebred Dog

I have long been contemplating writing a series of regarding the purebred dog and the controversy that surrounds dog breeding and dog shows. So, I've decided I will! It will be a series of several parts, likely following something along the following format:

1. The Purebred Dog: Part 1 - The Benefits
2. The Purebred Dog: Part 2 - The Problems and Controversy
3. The Purebred Dog: Part 3 - Middle Ground

Though subject to change depending on how my whim takes me, I figure that will be the basic format of the posts to come. These will also likely represent some of the longer posts I've done, so I may need to break them down into smaller portions (similar to the posts I made regarding the controversy regarding the White Tiger here and here). We'll see what happens!

1 comment:

Debbie I. said...

Would love to know your thoughts on this subject Mani. Over New Years we visited and played w/ a friend's 7wk old Great Pyrenees (sp?).....a great arguement for pure breds for sure.