Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Animal Abuser List

There is a national effort to create a list on animal abusers, according to this article.

"A nationwide campaign is under way to create mandatory state registries for convicted animal abusers, modeled after those in place for convicted sex offenders. The first such legislation may soon pass in California.

On Feb. 22, California state Sen. Dean Florez, D-Shafter, introduced a bill to create a publicly accessible registry for animal abusers. The legislation, Senate Bill 1277, would be the first in the nation, if it passes.

Anyone convicted of felony animal abuse could be tracked in a state database, which would serve to alert communities of the abuser in their midst and allow animal control officers to, for example, check if a convicted hoarder is taking on animals again. It would also allow animal shelters to perform background checks on potential adopters."

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