Sunday, October 28, 2007

Hunting Season in Iowa

I saw my first dog with a hunting-related injury this weekend. A black lab (naturally) came in Saturday night after running through a barbed wire fence. Fortunately, it wasn't nearly as bad as it sounded on the phone ("He skinned his leg like you'd skin a chicken!"), and two big, burly hunter-types accompanied the dog to help hold him. He did have a few muscle-deep lacerations and skin flaps on his front right leg that we cleaned and bandaged. Due to the location of the wounds and the fact that they were filthy, closing them with suture and drains was not really an option. The dog will heal fairly quickly, I think, which is a good thing because the owner was very worried about how long this injury will keep him out of the field.

In other hunting-related news, why you should always put the safety on: Tama, IA: Dog Shoots Hunter.

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