Monday, January 28, 2008

Strange Tastes

I was on call this past weekend, and it seemed that everyone decided to eat strange things. For the record, all of the following are doing just fine, except for the expected diarrhea. Why they would eat these things is a bit beyond me. Unsurprisingly, all were labs + 1 beagle, the "hungriest" breeds that have a very broad definition of edible :

1. 55 lbs lab ate a Hershey bar (wrapper and all. Owners should be seeing that about now)
2. 30 lbs beagle at a jar of silver sulfadiazine (and managed to open the screw-top lid. Who needs opposable thumbs, anyway?)
3. 65 lbs lab ate "half a soup bowl" of milk chocolate
4. 50 lbs lab ate the oatmeal + excrement from the litter box of house cat (one recommendation for cats that go home after being declawed is to use oatmeal as a litter material for a week or so since regular cat litter may cause problems with the incisions. Yeah, he was feeling a bit sick after that meal)
5. 60 lbs lab drank a few sips of Draino (maybe the oatmeal dog would have benefited from this)

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