Monday, January 25, 2010

Missing Dog!

A departure from my usual blog postings, this one hit home for me. My sister down in the St. Louis area was on the verge of adopting this adorable dog from a local rescue about an hour's drive outside of town. She had been found by a sheriff in an abandoned building. My sister saw a picture of her online, and was immediately taken with her. She very strongly resembles one of our own dogs, Rusty, who was the best dog ever (so we are very partial to the little, red tri mini Australian Shepherd look).Very sadly, as my sister was filling out the paperwork, a door was left open by a kennel worker, and the dog got away. She is very sweet, but scared and now lost. If, by chance, anyone in the St. Louis area reads this blog, please keep a look out for this little dog and contact me via e-mail at with any information. Thanks, and here's to hoping she is found! Click here to see a picture of her.

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