Saturday, January 2, 2010

Top Pet Names of 2009

Around this time of year, you are likely to come across several lists of the "Top Baby Names of 2009." What do you think the top pet names were? Well, according to records of the 50,000 (!!!!) animals a Boston hospital saw this year alone, Bella and Max top the list. Interestingly, Max was the top name for both male dogs and male cats. I don't see too many cats named Max. Tiger/Tigger is definitely the tops there. Bella won out for female dogs and Kitty for female cats. Other top male dog names included Bailey, Charlie, Jake and Buddy. Around here, it seems like 9/10 of the dogs with these names are Labs. Bella was also among the top of the female cat list along with Sophie and Lucy, also very popular female dog names. Male cats came in under the old standbys of Oliver, Tigger, and Tiger. (source) (picture source)

I can speak from experience that all of those names are very popular in the Midwest. I'd probably need to add such names as Blizzard and Shadow, especially for cats. Yeah, you can guess what color those critters are! I'd love it if someone had a gray cat named Slush. One of the best cat names I've seen is an orange male cat named "The Todd."

I'd also need to add the name of "Coco" and its many spelling variations for female dogs. Many are Chocolate Labs, but there are a fair number of Shih Tzus and other little, fluffy dogs with that name. And Teddy is also a perennial favorite name for male dogs of all shapes and sizes. Naturally, I have my own idea as to who bears that name the best. (My own "Teddy," a 12-yr-old male Yorkie)

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