Thursday, February 28, 2008

Awkward Moment

The other day I had a client that brought in a pet for a specific complaint that required a bit of bloodwork, etc, to get an answer. No biggie...I probably get at least half a dozen of those a day. This one took a rather awkward turn, though. When reviewing the file with the client to make sure that I had the correct phone number to reach them when I got the results, the owner (a woman) pointed to the names at the top of the file which read "John and Jenny Ruhroh."

"First of all, that number is three years old, as is the address," the woman calmly informed me. "Secondly, Jenny is hopefully resting comfortably in her cold grave."

Apparently, John's wife Jenny had died three year prior and he had moved and remarried.

Yeah, that was a bit awkward. I think I need to encourage people to update their addresses each time when they come into the clinic.

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