Friday, February 15, 2008

Choice E

I saw a cat today that came in for a "new kitten exam." She had been adopted from the local humane society earlier this week, and was up on her vaccinations, so it should have been a typical new pet exam. In most respects it was, except on one point.

The new owner, who was very nice and organized, showed me all of the paperwork she had gotten from the shelter. One thing on the history form had given her some concern: apparently the cat had been diagnosed with and treated for coccidia, a fairly common intestinal parasite. No biggy...we needed to check a fecal sample anyway.

However, another line on the history form had caught my eye. It had apparently skipped the notice of the nice owner. One of the questions went something like this:

Q. Does your pet have problems getting along with any of the following types of people?

a. Men
b. Women
c. Children
d. Elderly
e. Other:________

The former owner had circled other and, in a scrall worthy of an 11-year-old, had written: "asshole."

I was so distracted by this, I'm honestly not certain I covered everything with the new owner that I should have. Admittedly, that was a good piece of information from the former owner. I don't get along very well with that type of person, either.

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