Saturday, April 7, 2007

Derby Countdown

It's less than a month until the Kentucky Derby, and the thoroughbred horse racing world is abuzz as to who the big contenders will be. One of the horses getting a lot of attention lately is Tiago, a colt who is owned, trained and ridden by the same team that won with the surprise finisher Giacomo from 2005. Tiago is also the half-brother of Giacomo (both out of Set Them Free, Tiago by Pleasant Tap), and had an impressive win in the Santa Anita Derby ($750,000 purse!) on Saturday. And like his half-brother, Tiago was an unknown horse before the major upset he pulled in the Santa Anita this weekend. Though he isn't yet on the list of the contenders for this year's Kentucky Derby, there is an even money chance he will be soon! (Incidentally, they have a nice slideshow of each of the current contenders on that site.)

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