Wednesday, April 25, 2007!

Today was a very busy day out in the truck. We were out and about on calls from about 8:00 this morning until essentially 6:30. We stopped at the clinic between calls at around 1:30 for lunch and to restock on a few things, then we were off again. It was a rainy, cold, blustery day, but that certainly didn't slow things down!

Here is the list of calls for today, if I can remember them all:

1. Check two mares that their owner wants to breed this year. Both got shots of Lutelyse (the hormone prostaglandin which will lyse any corpus lutea (CL) present and bring a mare into heat).
2. Three ponies that needed their spring shots and Coggins.
3. Two more mares were checked for embryo collection and transfer that will likely happen next week, given how the donor's cycle is going.
4. A horse needed a lameness workup
5. A horse needed some radiographs of his teeth
6. Prepurchase exam on a mustang. Yes, he was caught and adopted out by the BLM about a year ago and had been trained everything from riding to tricks.
7. New foal exam! A Welsh Cob filly was born around midnight last night, so we went out to do a new foal exam on her. She was absolutely adorable and, fortunately, doing fantastically. We ran a simple blood test to make sure she had gotten enough colostrum and she looked to be a happy, healthy baby. Her mom (a maiden mare) was doing fantastically as well. While she was protective and watchful of her filly, she let us do all that we needed.
8. A goat! A tiny, 4 week old Nubian goat kid needed to be dehorned and castrated, so we did that. It was definately a good experience, as I have little-no experience with goats. The techniques that the vets use here are quick and easy, and I feel fairly confident I could do it on my own sometime in the future!

And now, the final videos from the horse fair. They are something of a random mix. First is a stagecoach drawn by 6 matched leopard appaloosas!

The next video was taken during the parade of breeds. The Clydesdale, Percheron, Shire and Belgian all came out in a group since all were hitched up to different wagons. It was pretty neat to see them all together. The Shire was a white one, which was certainly different!

And, lastly, a pair of beautiful black Morgan stallions perform during the breed demo. Black is a somewhat elusive color for Morgan breeders to get. It is so common for Morgans to be bay that if someone says they have a Morgan, you probably don't need to ask what color it's most likely a bay! ;) These two stallions are absolutely stunning as they show off some dressage moves.

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