Sunday, April 8, 2007

Planet Earth

I finally had the opportunity to see the series that has everyone talking. Five years and $25 million in the making, Planet Earth is one of the most impressive television shows I've ever seen. Filmed entirely in high definition, it is as ground-breaking as it is breathtaking. I had heard about it before tonight, of course, but hadn't had access to the Discovery Channel in HD or otherwise. Tonight was the first opportunity I had to see it and, as you can tell, I was stunned! Highlights of the episodes I saw tonight included everything from utterly impressive footage of great white sharks to growing coral to lions taking down an elephant.
If I have one complaint about the series, it is the fact that it is a little light on information. Yes, the main goal of the series is more for the visual achievement, but I would like a bit more info about things. I had the same complaint about March of the Penguins. Great movie and visually impressive, but strangely light on additional information. Maybe I'm just too picky for my own good!
At any rate, Planet Earth is highly recommended! And I must say, I was surprised at the lack of references to the effects of global warming, habitat loss, over hunting/fishing, etc. Sure, there were vague references to such things, but most nature shows seems to spend an inordinate amount of time harping on such things.

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