Friday, April 20, 2007

Derby Countdown

Wow, I'm doing a lot of posting today!

The Kentucky Derby is only 15 days away, and about now is when I start seriously looking at the different horses that will be in the running. One of the good places to start is by looking at the big stakes races that are considered major "pre-tests" to the Triple Crown races. And I just figured out that YouTube would be a good place to find video of the big races leading up to the Derby! Following are movies of some of the major recent stakes races that feature Triple Crown contenders.

First I have a rather blurry but nice video of the Santa Anita Derby. Tiago (previously mentioned here) makes an amazing come-from-behind upset victory. He breaks from the gate second from the outside and you can just see him second to last and a good 15 lengths off of the leaders for most of the race. To keep an eye on him in the race, he is a dark bay with a white fluffy noseband and his silks are turquoise with a white cap.

Next is the Arkansas Derby. Curlin was the favorite going in, and he certainly didn't disappoint. He is the 2 horse, a tall chestnut with a long stripe down his face and a white bridle. He bides his time for most of the race, then makes an impressive drive for the finish.

And here is the Bluegrass Stakes which culminates in a very exciting homestretch battle. Dominican ends up winning after the photo finish, but that whole group ran an impressive race. He is easy to follow in the hot pink silks!

The Wood Memorial is another important runner-up to the Derby. The winner, NoBiz Like ShoBiz, is the 2 horse with the white blinkers that stays on the rail of the lead group most of the race.

Cowtown Cat showed impressive stamina in the Illinois Derby. He has the yellow saddlepad.

So, those are all of the races I'll post for now. Great stuff!

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