Sunday, March 11, 2007

Birds Without Feathers

We did walk around the zoo a bit more today, but the big adventure of the day was a visit to the Strategic Air and Space Museum (aka the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Museum). They have a large collection of war planes and missles, very well restored and displayed. So, for today, I'll just post a few pictures from there!

First is a series showing one of the two large hangers where they have planes on display.

Next is Al and Pat in one of the cockpits.

Next is a very nice picture of their B-17.

This is Peter and Alex getting ready to go up in the flight simulator. Patrick and I went in as well. We all got at least mildly motion sick, as you can imagine. Following the picture is a short video of part of Peter and Al's flight. When Pat and I went in, we hadn't seen it go yet since we got their kind of early. After seeing it go, I'm not very certain I would have braved it if I had seen it run first!

The SAC was a big hit, and a must-see for anyone travelling through the Omaha area!

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