Monday, March 19, 2007

Pet Food Recall

Headlines were made this weekend about a major petfood recall involving some of the most popular brands of dog and cat food. Several reports of kidney failure in animals that have eaten different "chucks in gravy" type meals sold in cans and pouches has prompted the manufacturer, Menu Pet Foods, to announce the voluntary recall of these products. A complete list of the products as well as more information can be found at this website.
In an attempt to find more information myself, I attempted to log onto several of the websites. However, traffic is pretty heavy and as I'm working off of an older computer at present, I wasn't able to get much. I was able to finally get through to the Eukanuba website. Here is a direct link to their recall product information.
It is important to note that the cause of the problem has yet to be identified, and may not even be related to these products. The recall was issued due to the coincidence of the company receiving several reports of pet deaths related to renal failure around they same time they started use of a product in their foods from a new supplier. This is a precautionary measure only, but pet owners are urged to find out if their pets have consumed this food from the affected batch and monitor their pets for signs of renal failure.
Depending on the type of renal failure, your pet may show a variety of signs from increased to decreased water consumption and urination, to vomiting, inappetance, and lethargy. You should see your veterinarian immediately if you have noticed any of these signs. They could be signs of renal failure, or other serious medical conditions such as diabetes and other endocrine disorders.

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