Sunday, March 18, 2007

Polar Bear Fun

No blog-worth procedures for today or yesterday, but I got some great footage of the polar bears playing. They were definitely having a fun time, and were a very popular stop for the guests. The two bears (19 year old sisters, incidentally) would take turns playing with the ball. There were some minor fights with much growling, roaring and posturing as one decided that she was ready to play with the ball again before the other was finished. More often than not, one bear would play around in the water with the ball for awhile, then either leave the ball in the water or push it up onto land and leave it. Then she would go and start rubbing the water out of her fur while the other would take the ball.
The following two videos show the unique play styles of the different bears. One of them liked to take a running start and pounce on the ball in the water. The other would actually take the ball out of the water, push it up to one of the rocky outcrops in the exhibit, then pick it up and throw it in before jumping on it herself. Very fun to watch!

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