Saturday, March 10, 2007

New Animals on Display

These three strange looking creatures are a few of the specimens in a new exhibit. Well, maybe not. These are actually 3 of my 4 borthers who came up for the weekend (yes, it's a little blurry, unfortunately). They got to the zoo around 11 this morning, and were definately able to see a lot! As it happened, two of the tigers got in a fight this morning and one had an injury to an eye that needed attention. So, they got to come with us as we went to check it out! They have all the pictures and video of the event, so I'll put some of that up once I get it from them. Fortunately for the tiger, he looks as if he should be all right.
The rest of the day, I took them around the zoo. We got through most of the major exhibits today, essentially only missing the elephants, rhinos, African Wild Dogs and a few others that are in the back of the zoo. We went to dinner at a local brewery and resturant called Upstream down in the Old Market area, a historical section of Omaha with brick streets and "cutsey" shops. The boys weren't as into the shops, I think, but I didn't torture them too long with that. We finished the evening at Dave and Busters where Alex showed that he is a much better virtual Thoroughbred racehorse trainer than I am, and Richard and Patrick showed all of us that they are better Daytona 500 drivers than the rest of us. Alex, Peter and I spent most of the races banging into each other and essentially ensuring that none of us would be anywhere near the leaders. ;)
Anyway, I'll end today with a few videos of the young orangutans at play. The youngest is a male by the name of W'gasa. He was hand-raised and recently introduced to these two other juveniles. He is doing fantastic with them now that he doesn't need 24 human care. He still gets a bottle severel times a day, but he is learning how to be an orangutan now, which is the goal!

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