Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lemur Bites Can be Nasty!

No, I didn't get bit by one, but they sure do have a set of chompers! Today we did physicals on two black and white lemurs. What beautiful animals, but those teeth are nasty! The top canines are especially dangerous. The back of those teeth is narrow and almost serrated. It's bad news when they get into a fight, because they can really rip each other up severely. We also had to get blood from a white stork for a preshipment today.

Oh, and I forgot to mention our critter capers from yesterday. We had one more gaur to known down for the aforementioned study (it went very well), then I got to help blowdart vaccines into some big cats. Five tigers and one snow leopard got two vaccines each from me. I only had one miss, and Lesson 1 was in full effect. The most impressive example was Bulang, an Indochinese male that was very unhappy about the whole procedure.

Kind of a short post for today, but I'm tired like 'Big' here (yes, his name is Big :p):

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